BEK of Alaska, Incorporated (BEK) is a fully licensed and bonded commercial contracting firm that has been in business for thirty six (36) years (originally incorporated as BEK, Inc). We have been involved with large and small-scale projects throughout Alaska and Hawaii, and recently in the Pacific Northwest. BEK is a subcontractor specializing in many areas, including Drywall, Metal Stud Framing, Fireproofing, and Acoustical and Specialty Walls and Ceiling Finishes. Founded in 1983, we have built an outstanding reputation for quality, workmanship and meeting schedule deadlines.

Project Billing Rates & Personnel Assignments

  • Preconstruction Phase

    BEK of Alaska (BEK) personnel successfully manage numerous projects at various stages simultaneously. As a cohesive and team driven company, responsibilities at any given time are distributed based on time and skills. Based on the current project schedule, we find the below personnel will be key representatives for BEK.

    • Gene Desjarlais


    • Noel Villegas

      Chief Estimator

    • Jason King

      Operations Manager

    • Mike Kozak

      Project Management, Scheduling, Constructability

    • Chari Roberts

      Project Management, Estimating

    • Trevor Steele

      Project Management, Constructibility, Estimating

    • Dave McCarey

      Taping Project Management, Constructability

  • Construction Phase

    During construction BEK will have a dedicated field team whose focus will be on a successful project. When and if needed, this team will also be supported by any or all of the above BEK personnel.

    • Joe Desjarlais

      General Foreman

    • Brian Collins

      General Foreman

    • Jesse Shepherd

      Taping General Foreman

    • Jeramy Walker


    • Ariel Cannon


    • Jason Story


    • Dan Inman