Safety is paramount and included in every task or daily protocol BEK performs. BEK has an established safety plan followed in the field to ensure safety is a priority. In addition, BEK utilizes the safety firm Integrity Safety Services for all Washington and Oregon projects. BEK performs BEK crew safety meetings and tool box talks for all projects. In addition to an efficient project, above all we believe in a safe project. BEK has 2 recorded lost time injuries for 2018 from 100,000 man hours for the year, both sprains, occurring to two personnel who are hard workers and still employed by BEK. Their occurrences, we feel, were no fault of our safety program or the personnel.

BEK’s EMR ratings are as follows

  • 2018 = .75
  • 2017 = .79
  • 2016 = .81

and no OSHA serious, willful or repeat violations in the last 5 years.