Why Choose a Commercial Ceiling?

Commercial, dropped or suspended ceilings are very much a part of corporate offices worldwide and rightly so as they have earned their place due to variety of reasons. There are plenty of advantages of having these artificial ceilings installed; they add to the aesthetics besides having a host of features and functionalities. Modern commercial ceilings … Continue reading

How to Design a Fire-Resistant House?

For most people, building a home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It demands a huge investment and therefore they want to get it absolutely right. People take all possible measures to protect their houses and install equipment like fire alarms, burglar alarms or more safety equipment, buy insurance and make sure that the … Continue reading

Implementing Right Measures to Prevent Fires: Top 5 Fireproofing Methods

Fireproofing is a specialized job. It’s not easy to fireproof a building structure and requires a thorough understanding of fire resistant building materials and the kind of design that makes the structure fire resistant. What’s more, the location of the building determines the methodology used for fireproofing. Fireproofing Anchorage might have some points of differences … Continue reading