Our History & Where We’re Going.

about_bek_of_alaska_01BEK of Alaska, Inc. is a subcontractor specializing in many areas, some of which include Drywall, Metal Stud Framing, Fireproofing, and Acoustical Ceilings. We are licensed applicators for Sprayed-on Fireproofing. Founded in 1983, we have built an outstanding reputation for quality, workmanship and meeting schedule deadlines.

Noel Villegas, Jason King and Gene Desjarlais have a combined average of 80 years experience in metal stud framing, along with an understanding in Exterior Design needs and Value Engineering. As Vice- President, Wayne Keinbaum has 27 years experience in the fireproofing field and a complete knowledge and understanding of code requirements. Architects in Alaska regularly call us for our expertise and we are willing to work with General Contractors to give an owner what he needs at the lowest price possible.

BEK has worked throughout the state, from Ketchikan to Prudhoe Bay, to Shemya, Alaska. We can meet any climate challenge or freight needs to get the job complete. In 2015. we opened an office in Washington. We are currently involved in in several projects in the state of Washington.

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